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Parenting May Be the Toughest Job on the Planet -

It does not come with a resource guide or operations manual. However, the worksheets and articles below include helpful information that I often reference in sessions.

Peaceful Parenting Utilizing self-control and emotional regulation as a key to parenting.

How Can We Help Kids with Self Regulation?

Help children control emotions and resist impulsive behavior

Meltdowns and Brain Development

Why traditional discipline is not effective

What is Authoritative Parenting?

Understanding and implementing the most effective style of parenting.

Partners in Parenting

Understand the significance of partnership in those caring for your children.

American Academy of Pediatrics Says Some Common Food Additives May Pose Health Risks to Children

New report calls for stronger federal food safety requirements and outlines ways families can limit exposure to chemicals used to process, package and preserve everyday foods that aren’t adequately proven safe.

When Parents Disagree: 10 Ways to Parent as a Team

Strategies to help parents resolve differences, align perspectives, and implement successful parenting techniques.

ADHD Interventions for Parents

Techniques to help parent a child with ADD or ADHD. Source:

Rewards and Punishments

Understand how to utilize rewards and punishments for children. Source:

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