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Communication Skills and Resources

Communication as a Foundation -

Listed below are concepts and techniques that are frequently referenced in therapy sessions with links to worksheets that have been made available by Therapist Aid.

"I" statements

Use "I" statements in conversation by taking ownership of your thoughts and feelings instead of placing blame on others.

Rules for Fair Fighting

Suggestions to effectively communicate in a healthy and productive manner.

Passive, Aggressive, and Assertive Communication

Information related to communication styles and using assertiveness in place of passivity or aggression.

Relationship Conflict Resolution Techniques to help with communication and resolving conflicts.


Repeating, in your own words, what the other person said can help to clarify information and work to understand what the other person is feeling and expressing.

10 Questions to Ask to go Deep in Your Relationship

Topics of discussion for yourself and your partner to explore each other's needs and better connect.

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